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Active OS fingerprinting is very noisy and requires packets to be sent to the remote host and waits for a reply, or lack thereof. Disparate OS's respond differently to certain types of packet, the response is governed by an RFC and any proprietary responses the vendor notably Microsoft has enabled within the system and so custom packets may be sent. Remote applications being served on a host can be determined by an open port on that host. By port scanning it is then possible to build up a picture of what applications are running and tailor the test accordingly.

Enumeration tools and techniques - The vast majority can be used generically, however, certain bespoke application require there own specific toolsets to be used. Default passwords are platform and vendor specific. Default Passwords Examine list. Passwords A.

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Passwords B. Passwords C. Passwords D. Passwords E. Passwords F. Passwords G. Passwords H. Passwords I. Passwords J.

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Passwords K. Passwords L. Passwords M. Passwords N. Passwords O. Passwords P. Passwords R. Passwords S. Passwords T. Passwords U. Passwords V. Passwords W. Passwords X. Passwords Y.

Passwords Z. Passwords Numeric. If banner altered, attempt anon logon and execute: 'quote help' and 'syst' commands. Hydra brute force. Ruby SSH Bruteforcer.

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Common passwords. Bile Suite. TFTP bruteforcer.

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Default Passwords. Input Validation Checks. Wildcard characters can sometimes present DoS issues or information disclosure. Obiwan III. Requester Raw. War File. Note: - The above config files are not human readable and the following tool is required to breakout possible admin credentials and other important settings. Input Validation Cheat Sheet. Hacking Exposed Web 2. Hacking Exposed Web Applications.

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook. Solarwinds MIB walk. PSK cracking paper. SecurityFocus Infocus.

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Scanning a VPN Implementation. SQL Recon. SQL Dict. Citrix Brute-forcer. Hacking Citrix - the legitimate backdoor. Hacking Citrix - the forceful way. Oracle default password list. TCP Scan. Oracle Security Check needs credentials.

NGS Squirrel for Oracle. Service Register.

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  • QNAP TVS-882ST - test profesjonalnego, wydajnego urządzenia NAS dla fotografów i filmowców.

Check Password. Sql scripts from pentest. Understanding SQL Injection. SQL Injection walkthrough. SQL Injection by example. Blind SQL Injection. Exploit and Confuse Unix. MySQL data directory Location specified in my. If there's no rows returned at all it means the the distro itself doesn't support SSL connections and probably needs to be recompiled. If its disabled it means that the service just wasn't started with ssl and can be easily fixed.

Use DBVisualiser. Sybase Security checksheet. NGS Squirrel for Sybase. Query registered bindings:- sipsak -I -C empty -a password -s sip:username domain. Default dictionary file. Ip Pages.

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Rainbow crack. John the Ripper. Vulnerability Assessment - Utilising vulnerability scanners all discovered hosts can then be tested for vulnerabilities. The result would then be analysed to determine if there any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to a target host on a network. Other tools actually use manual pen testing methods and display the output received i. Nessus Linux. Nessus Windows. NGS Typhon. Oval Interpreter. Security Focus. Microsoft Security Bulletin. Standalone Database.