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This is not a problem of the MIDI keyboard, it is a problem of your soundcard or your audio interface.

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In most music software you can use an ASIO driver, which is provided to reduce the latency delay of your soundcard. In a fast system you can reduce the latencies to under 10 ms, and you cannot hear the delay anymore.

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In the download section of our homepage you can find good working ASIO drivers for the Miditech audio interfaces. A good working universal ASIO driver, which works with most onboard soundcards, you can find on www.

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Our Miditech keyboards are only masterkeyboards without own sounds. You must install a music software and a virtual instrument to get the sounds. David Nahmani Site Admin. Now open Logic and open a new empty project. Look at the transport bar where it says "No in".


That's a MIDI in monitor. Play notes or move knobs on your keyboard: If yes, the keyboard is recognized by Logic.

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Sun Aug 28, 5: I had no issues with my M-Audio Axiom I didn't need a driver. Recording one track after the other works fine, was more about if I want to play togehther with friends.

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